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Email alerts

If you want to keep up to date with what is going on in a forum then you have two choices: you can bookmark the forum in your web browser and visit it regularly to see what has changed, or you can tell the system to send you an email whenever a new message or topic appears.

To set or change your email alerts, use the Email Alerts link on the Forums page (for registered users only) or on the Forum page.

Levels of email alerts

For each forum, you can choose to receive an email every time a message is posted to the forum, or only when a new topic is started. Which option you choose depends on whether you want to be kept absolutely up to date or whether you prefer to receive fewer emails.

If you are a registered user

If you are a registered user then you need to log in before you can make changes to your email alerts. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of all the forums that are available to you with a note of what emails are currently being sent for each one. To change these settings, open the drop-down list next to each forum name and make the selection you want; then press the button marked Subscribe to Email Alerts.

If you are not a registered user

If you are not a registered user then you can still subscribe to email alerts but we can't show you the list of alerts you have already subscribed to. This is for reasons of privacy: since you don't have a password if you don't register, anyone at all could enter your email address and try to find out what subjects you were interested in.

Anti-spam software

The forum system sends you email alerts from a special email address - for example, forumbcdggvrmz@cardbox.com. This address is different for every user of the forum system, which lets the system discover easily, if an email fails to be delivered, whose email it is.

If you have anti-spam software that operates a "whitelist" of addresses from which emails are allowed to come, you should note the address that the forum system reports after you have pressed Subscribe to Email Alerts and add that address to your whitelist.

Replying to email alerts

Don't. Your reply will be discarded and no-one will ever see it.

Cancelling email alerts

You can cancel email alerts through the Email Alerts page. You can also cancel all email alerts at once, effectively removing yourself from the mailing list entirely, by replying to an email alert and putting the word REMOVE as the subject of your reply. (Don't try putting REMOVE in the body of your reply: that won't work).

Changing your email address

If you are a registered user, you can change your email address by editing your user profile.

Whether you are a registered user or not, you can also change your email address by replying to an email alert and putting, in the subject line, the word CHANGE followed by the new address that you want your email alerts sent to in future. For example, CHANGE mynewaddress@somewhere.com. (Don't try putting this in the body of your reply: that won't work).

How often are email alerts sent?

Email alerts are normally sent every hour or so, although this is subject to change depending on how the forum system is configured.

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