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Register / Log In

If you are simply going to view or browse through forums then you probably don't need to register. (The exception is if someone has set up a private forum for registered users only: but in that case they will have told you about registration when they told you about the forum).

Logging in

If you are already a registered user, then enter your screen name or your email address, and your password. If you have lost your password, press the Lost Password button and we will send you a temporary one by email, so that you can log in and choose a new password.


"Cookies" are small pieces of data stored by your browser and presented to a web site each time you visit. The forum system uses temporary ("session") cookies whenever you log in: your browser is programmed to forget these at the end of your visit.

Remember Me

If you don't want to have log in every time you visit the forums, turn on the "Remember me" option. In that case the forum system will use a persistent cookies which will be remembered by your browser: if your browser is set to a high level of privacy then it may ask you whether it should be allowed to do this. You can delete these cookies at any time, by using the Log Out link in any forum page.


If you are not already a registered user of the forum system then click on the Registration link in the log-in page and you will be able to register yourself.

Screen name
Your screen name identifies you to other forum users: it is attached to every topic or message that you post and it acts as a link to your public user profile (if you choose to provide one). You can't change your screen name after you've registered although obviously you could abandon your old identity and register all over again. You can choose anything you like as a screen name as long as it isn't offensive to other users - something that obviously identifies you (such as your name or initials) or something that doesn't (such as a placename or the name of a fictional character). Screen names can contain letters, numbers and spaces.
Email address
This is private unless you later choose to make it public in your user profile. We use it to send you a confirmation of your registration and to send any email alerts you may ask for.
Your name
This form of your name is used when sending emails to you, so it's worth putting in if several people are sharing the same email address.

Once you have registered

The forum system will send you a confirmation email with a temporary password. You should log in to the forum system using that password, and then set a password of your own choice. After you have logged in, you may want to put more details about yourself into your user profile - but that is entirely optional.

Anti-spam software

Your confirmation of registration is sent from a special email address - for example, forumbcdggvrmz@cardbox.com. This address is different for every user of the forum system, which lets the system discover easily, if an email fails to be delivered, whose email it is. The same address will be used for email alerts, if you decide to subscribe to them.

If you have anti-spam software that operates a "whitelist" of addresses from which emails are allowed to come, you should note the address that the forum system reports after you have pressed the Register button, and add that address to your whitelist.

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