This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

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In general, we give you a Cardbox CDROM when we know that you have a system that can read CDROMs, and floppy disks otherwise.

Sometimes this doesn't quite work out. For example, you may have several machines, all licensed to use Cardbox, and some of them may be floppy-disk-only machines. We send you a CDROM to update you to the latest version - so what do you do next?

Please note that one copy of Cardbox is licensed for one computer (or for a network). Do not break the terms of the licence by trying to install the same copy in more than one place!!

To make the disks

  1. Take four blank, formatted floppy disks. Label them "Cardbox Disk 1", "Cardbox Disk 2", etc.
  2. Find a computer that has a CDROM drive, and put the Cardbox CDROM into it.
  3. Copy the directory (folder) DISK1 to Cardbox Disk 1.
  4. Copy the directory (folder) DISK2 to Cardbox Disk 2.
  5. Copy the directory (folder) DISK3 to Cardbox Disk 3.
  6. Copy the directory (folder) DISK4 to Cardbox Disk 4.

To use the disks

To install a new copy of Cardbox (assuming that you are licensed to do so), insert Cardbox Disk 1 in drive a: - in the Start Menu, select Run and then type


then press OK and follow the instructions.

To upgrade an existing copy of Cardbox to the latest version, follow the same procedure, but:

  • First make sure that you have a current subscription, or the upgraded copy may not run.
  • Tell the setup program to install the new Cardbox on top of the existing copy - that is, in the same directory (folder).
  • If the setup program asks whether to replace your existing serial number information with information stored on the floppy disk, tell it to keep the existing information.

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