This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

'4/7/76' date format in macros

If you used a date format with 2-digit years in a macro in an earlier version of Cardbox for Windows, you will need to change the macro to work under Version 2.

The symptom

When you play a macro created by an earlier version of Cardbox for Windows, you get the message

The item "4/7/76" is not selectable

This is because the '4/7/76' format (which specifies 2-digit years) has been removed from the list of selectable date formats in the Date window. Although there may be cases where you would want to represent the 1st of January 2000 as 1/1/00, they are rare, and Cardbox has been changed so that you do not specify this format without thinking.

What to do about it

You will need to edit the macro specification using the Macro Manager. Open the macro, and look for the line that says *Date.Item "4/7/76"

Switching to 4-digit years

Edit the line to read *Date.Item "4/7/1976"

Retaining 2-digit years

Edit the line to read *Date.Text "4/7/76"

Alternatively, you may wish to re-record the macro. In this case, you can use whatever date format you like, because even if a particular format is not listed in the drop-down list, you can type it in directly.

Technical notes
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