This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

Overlapping text in screen display  
(Technical support)

On some systems and with some fonts, you may find that the text and captions in your records overlap one another.


(In the picture, you can see how the red and the black letters are printed one on top of the other).

This is caused by an incompatibility between your chosen font, in this case Courier, and your display driver.  The result is that when Cardbox asks Windows how wide the word "LESSEE" is, so that it knows where to put "ANNE" on the screen, Windows gives it the wrong answer, and so Cardbox puts "ANNE" too far to the left.

The cure is to use a different font.  In this example, changing the appearance of the format to use Courier New rather than Courier solves the problem.

Cardbox is not the only program to be affected by this.  Microsoft Visual Studio uses Courier for all its debugging displays, which makes them unusable on an affected machine, until you reconfigure them to use Courier New instead.


Note: If you change the appearance directly, while viewing records, this change will not automatically be saved as part of your format.  If you change formats and then come back again, or close the database and then open it again, the old font will come back and so will your problem.  Remember to use Edit, Format, Save Appearance once you are satisfied with the way your records look.



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