This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

Random network crashes  

(Technical support)

"I went to lunch and when I came back, Cardbox had crashed".

A very few network installations have difficulty running Cardbox.  It crashes at random, sometimes when the user is doing nothing at all with it.

The cause of these problems lies in the operating system rather than in Cardbox itself.  Specifically, the likeliest cause is the network device drivers installed on your PC.  Since these drivers frequently respond to events that you did not initiate yourself (eg. network traffic from other computers), problems with network drivers can manifest themselves at any time.

There is very little advice that we can give you about problems caused by faulty network drivers.  However, we reproduce one email from a Cardbox user who found a solution on his own system:

What are network drivers?

A device driver is the interface between Windows and the hardware of your PC.  Depending on the hardware, the driver may be supplied by Microsoft, as part of Windows, or by the hardware manufacturer.

Network device drivers are particularly complex and have many components from different suppliers.



Remember when I enquired about Cardbox (local version) network crashes.

I removed NetBEUI leaving only TCP/IP with NetBIOS running over it. It hasn't caused any problems and Cardbox has regained stability.

Perhaps the reason is that; on a busy network running two protocols the server and clients spend time resolving which protocol to use - all running Cardbox machines are also trying to poll the share file.

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