This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

Fast re-installation  


(Technical support)

If you have upgraded Cardbox over the years, and then a system crash (or a new network user) means that you have to install Cardbox again, you do not need to install every single upgrade in succession.

If you have upgraded Cardbox after you originally bought it, then you may find yourself with quite a few disk sets or CDROMs:

  • The original, serialised copy of Cardbox.
  • One or more upgrade disks, CDs, or downloaded upgrade files.

If you have had a very complicated installation history, you may even have ended up with more than one serialised copy of Cardbox!

Or you may have lost your original CDROM...

Shortcut 1: install the original version and then upgrade

First, install your most recent serialised copy of Cardbox for Windows.  You can tell if a copy is serialised because there will be a serial number on the CDROM or on the first disk of the set of floppy disks.

Then install the most recent upgrade. If you received any upgrades before the most recent one, you can safely ignore them.

Shortcut 2: copy one file and then upgrade

This is even faster because you don't need to install the original copy of Cardbox.

First, decide where you want to install Cardbox.  If the relevant directory (folder) doesn't exist, then create it.

Take your most recent serialised copy of Cardbox for Windows, and copy the file CBOXSER.DLL to your chosen Cardbox directory.

Now install the most recent upgrade into the same directory.


If you have lost your original CDROM, then you can still install Cardbox, but you do need to have a current support and upgrade subscription: see the yellow panel on the right.

First, get hold of your CBOXSER.DLL file.  This is always installed in the Cardbox directory, so if you have an existing Cardbox installation that you are replacing (eg. because you are moving to a new computer), you can get it from there.  Otherwise, if you're suitably apologetic and ask us really nicely, we may email you a copy.

Next, download the latest upgrade file.

Copy CBOXSER.DLL into your chosen Cardbox directory, then run the upgrade program that you just downloaded, and tell it to install into that same directory.

Network users

After installing the final upgrade, run the installed Cardbox and check whether the number of users reported by Help, About is the number of users that you expect.  If it is not, then you will have to use the command File, Utilities, Upgrade to set the new number of users.  You will need an authorisation code for this (different from the authorisation code for subscriptions).  We will have sent you this code when you last increased your number of users, but if you have lost the details then contact us and we will give you the code again.

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