This information is for Version 2.0 of Cardbox for Windows.
We recommend that you upgrade to Cardbox 3.

From downloaded file to floppy disks  

(Technical support)

The downloaded program that upgrades your copy of Cardbox to version 2.0 is about 5.5MB in size, which is far bigger than a standard floppy disk.  Sometimes you may need to use floppy disks to transfer the upgrade software from one computer to another (for instance, you may have one computer with a fast Internet connection and another with Cardbox).  Here is how to do it.

To make the disks

  1. Take four blank, formatted floppy disks. Label them "Cardbox Disk 1", "Cardbox Disk 2", etc.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Run the downloaded upgrade program.  You can do this even if you don't have Cardbox installed on the computer where you did the download.
  4. When you get the welcome message from the setup program, do not respond to it, just get back to Explorer.  You can do this by holding down the Alt key and pressing TAB (normally one TAB will be enough, but just do it until the screen shows Explorer's name); or you can hold down the Windows key and press E, which will open a new copy of Explorer.
  5. In Explorer, look at the folder (directory) that contains your temporary files. Systems vary, but this is normally called C:\Temporary Files.  Inside that folder you will find a folder with a strange name, normally ~CBX0001.TMP.  Open that folder.  It will contain four folders, called DISK1, DISK2, DISK3, and DISK4.
  6. Copy the directory (folder) DISK1 to Cardbox Disk 1.
  7. Copy the directory (folder) DISK2 to Cardbox Disk 2.
  8. Copy the directory (folder) DISK3 to Cardbox Disk 3.
  9. Copy the directory (folder) DISK4 to Cardbox Disk 4.
  10. Return to the Cardbox setup program, and cancel the installation (press Cancel and follow the prompts).  This will erase all those temporary files.

To use the disks

Follow the instructions for installing the downloaded version.

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