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The Cardbox Book

This 300-page full-colour book tells you everything you need to know about using Cardbox for Windows, from the first steps in searching and browsing through records all the way to the design and creation of your own databases.

It has basic tutorials, an illustrated gallery of sample databases, and a selection of database designs created by real people for real applications.

You can download this book as a free PDF. As well as the PDF download of the whole book, the Concepts and Inspiration chapters are available as separate downloads.

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Getting Started

This lightweight introduction (30 pages) shows you what Cardbox is and the way it thinks. It doesn't take long to read, and the time you spend reading it will be be time well spent.

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Cardbox: Macros and Programming

This book takes you in detail through the recording and playback of macros, the writing of VBScript, and every method and property in the Cardbox object model. It is essential reading if you are creating advanced macros or supporting somebody who creates them.

You can download this book by using the button below.

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The Cardbox Server Book

This book describes how to set up a Cardbox Server, to allow your databases to be shared on a local area network or across the Internet.

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VBScript in a Nutshell: a desktop quick reference

O'Reilly - ISBN 0-59600-488-5

We strongly recommend this book to anyone who is planning to develop large or advanced Cardbox macros. It is available in botn printed and electronic formats.

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