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Winifred West Schools Ltd is an Australian company that runs three educational facilities in New South Wales. John Huskisson is the Property Manager responsible for all buildings, grounds and related infrastructure.

Here is a summary of the Cardbox databases that are being used to help run this organisation:

Property management: a record of all maintenance jobs done since 1996. About 40,000 records.
An online database of job requests. Accessed by all staff across three campuses: records are then transferred to Jobs and allocated to work teams.
Corporate address, phone, email, and Web directory.
Record of all external phone calls made. Downloaded from the exchange as a text file, converted by WordPerfect and then loaded into Cardbox. Calculates cost of calls and prints bills using information from Authority Codes.
Authority Codes
PIN numbers for the phone system and security system. Checks for duplicate PINs, generates issue letters to notify PINs to users.
Stored Calls
Archive of all calls made from the exchange (about 500,000 records).
Register of all colours used in all buildings, including paint codes and formulae and where the paint was applied.
Register of all chemicals held, with macros to calculate gross holdings.
Register of the current master key system (1,500 records).
List of all gas, water and electricity meters.
Allocates usernames and passwords to all new students and staff, and issues notification letters accordingly.
School Reports
Teacher entry formats and final report formats for the primary school.
Register of all trees on the campus: condition, work required, etc.
Work Done Album
Photographic records of all work done (eg. underground computer network cabling), linked to Autosketch plans.
Register of purchases with warranty details and photographs.

About Winifred West Schools Ltd

Frensham: secondary girls’ boarding school catering for 300 girls.
Gib Gate: co-ed primary school catering for about 250 from preschool to year 6.
Sturt: craft centre educating to tertiary level and including a shop and café.

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