Public Internet databases

Out on the Internet there are Cardbox Servers, and some of them provide databases that anyone is allowed to access. Here is a list of the ones we know about. Except for the ones on our own server, these are outside our control so we can't guarantee that all the servers and databases listed here will be accessible when you try them.

If you haven't already got Cardbox then you'll have to install the Cardbox Client before you can open these databases. (Download)

If you are hosting a Cardbox database that you'd like to see on this list, please let us know.

If you find that clicking on a database on this page does not open it in Cardbox then there may be a problem with the security settings on your browser. Open Cardbox yourself and use the command File > Open > Server to open the server and the database directly.

Our own server

database.cardbox.net - sample databases of our own, and some other databases that may be of general interest.

Accessing Cardbox via ASP

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