Getting help on Cardbox

To start with: please check the most straightforward sources of information: the manuals, and the Cardbox help file.

In particular, if you are having difficulty with a particular command in Cardbox, pressing F1 when you are in the command window will give you help tailored to your particular situation.

And if a menu command is greyed out, hold your mouse over it for a moment and Cardbox will pop up a message explaining why you can't use that command.


The Cardbox manual is a beautiful and compelling work of literature. It is intended to convey delight and understanding, not just instructions. in fact, people have enjoyed reading it who don’t even have a computer. You can download it here. Do download it, and do read it.

Knowledge base

The Cardbox knowledge base is a collection of articles on common technical issues that Cardbox users have come across.


The Cardbox forums are another source of useful information: in them, you can see all the questions that people have asked in the forums, together with all the answers that were given.

The Cardbox Talk forum is the most general one. It is populated by expert and enthusiastic Cardbox users. They love helping people; but do be polite and sensible about it, because helping you is not actually their job. In particular, it is polite to have a look at what questions have been asked previously before you ask a new one of your own. I keep a distantly paternal eye on Cardbox Talk, so don’t be surprised if you see a (late) reply from “cardboss”. But don’t go expecting one, either.

So if you are interested in Cardbox, do register for one (or more) of the forums.


Some of the people in the forums offer paid consultancy and support for Cardbox. This is especially useful if you want to help with designing the best possible Cardbox-based solution for your business, or to integrate Cardbox with other software. Just because you don’t need an expert to get going with Cardbox, it doesn’t mean that one won’t come in useful if you are doing something complicated. Just because I know how to put a shelf up, it doesn’t mean that I won’t get a carpenter in when I think I need one.

Apart from all that…

You can email me at support@cardbox.com. I check that mailbox every few days.


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