Cardbox support and news forums

The Cardbox forum system lets you do three things:

We refer to a message together with all the messages posted in reply to it as a "topic". In each forum you can view the list of current topics, and in each topic you can then view all the messages in that topic.

Click here for help on how to use the forum system.

Cardbox Forums page
This lists all the Cardbox forums and gives you easy access to each of them.
Cardbox News forum
This is a read-only forum: only we can post messages to it. If you ask for email alerts on this forum, you will receive all important news about Cardbox (updates, new versions, etc) as soon as it is released.
Cardbox Talk forum
This is a discussion forum for users of Cardbox. Registered forum users can post messages, either to start new topics or to respond to other postings. Questions posted here will not necessarily receive answers from us directly, but they are very likely to provoke responses or discussion: Cardbox users are friendly and helpful.
Macros and Programming forum
This is a discussion forum specifically about the Macros and Programming features of Cardbox. As well as questions and discussions, this is a good place to post macros that you think that other people may find useful.
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