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Changing licences after installation

Normally you enter licence details at the time that you install Cardbox 3.0 or the Cardbox Server and then you forget about them. Occasionally you may need to change licences after installation, or change the way that Cardbox finds its licences.

Changing a Cardbox licence

If you have a network installation in which Cardbox user licences are stored on the Cardbox Server, and all you want to do is to add new licences or change existing ones, just use the "Licences" page of the Cardbox Server control in the Control Panel. You don't need to read the rest of this page.

In all other cases:

  1. If Cardbox is open, close it.
  2. Open the Control Panel.  Depending on your version of Windows, this may be Start > Control Panel or Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  3. Double-click on "Add or Remove Programs" (in Windows Vista, this is called "Programs & Features").
  4. Select Cardbox 3.0 in the list.
  5. Some versions of Windows (including Windows XP) will display a button marked "Change" next to the selected program in the list (Windows Vista displays it at the top of the list); other versions won't display a Change button.
    • If you can see a Change button next to the selected Cardbox entry, press it.
    • If you can't see a Change button, double-click on Cardbox 3.0 in the list and then, in the next window that appears, press the button marked "Manage Licences".
  6. You can now change or delete an existing licence by selecting it and pressing the Change or Delete button, or you can add a new one by pressing Add.  You will also see a Location button, which allows you to change the location where the licences are stored: this is important if you have inadvertently installed a licence in the wrong place (for instance, if you have installed the same licence on each workstation instead of installing it in a shared network directory).

Not in Add/Remove Programs

Note: if you cannot find Cardbox in the Add or Remove Programs list, then you can do the following instead:

  1. Within Cardbox, in Help > About Cardbox, find the location of the Cardbox program files. Make a note of the folder in which the cardbox3.exe program file is stored.
  2. Close Cardbox.
  3. In the folder in which the cardbox3.exe program file is stored, find the file csetup.exe and double-click on it (Windows Explorer may simply report the filename as 'csetup').

Changing a Cardbox Server licence

The procedure is the same - except that you are looking for "Cardbox Server" rather than "Cardbox 3.0" in the list of programs.


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