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This page describes recent builds of the Cardbox Server software. It describes any features that have been added or changed and lists the more important bug corrections. You can use it to help you decide whether you should download the latest build of the Cardbox Server.

Whenever we describe a problem in this list, we are describing it before it was corrected.  As long as you have a recent enough build of the program, you will not encounter the problem. Here is how to check your build number.

Cardbox Server 3.1

Build 172

Under certain very rare circumstances the Tools > Deduplicate command did not mark all duplicate records. This bug would only appear if you asked the command to pay attention to case or accents and if your records contained particular almost-identical data in a particular sequence.

Build 171

If you designed a format with more than 2048 fields in it, then any record you saved which contained data in fields beyond the 2048th would appear to be corrupted when viewed by Cardbox. The actual data on the database were not corrupted at all: they only appeared to be.

The server upgrade corrects this problem and there is no need to rebuild the database afterwards. You should not rebuild the database before upgrading, since this would remove the apparently corrupted records.

Build 170

Licence-free. Licences no longer need to be bought or installed.

Cardbox Server 3.0

14-Jan-12 Build 163

When a database is backed up automatically to Amazon S3, it is stored as a number of S3 objects. The rules for constructing the object names associated with a given database have changed slightly: they are documented here. Existing backups are unaffected, but if you want to use the Tools > Management > Amazon S3 command in Cardbox to view or manage your backups, you should make sure that you are using at least Build 4299 of Cardbox.

27-Oct-11 Build 162

No changes have been made that affect users of Cardbox.

One bug has been corrected that could have affected programs using the middleware interface to the Cardbox Server, causing the server to crash if a particular sequence of command packets was sent to the server.

24-Nov-10 Build 161

Control Panel: There were problems switching between "Run as program" and "Run as system service". These have now been corrected.

The Linux version has not been updated, because it does not have a Control Panel application. It is still Build 160.

6-Sep-10 Build 160

Validation: When the "Unique Terms" validator was used in conjunction with batch editing, the validator could sometimes make mistakes about whether or not a record was unique. This could happen if the uniqueness of records later in the edit depended on records that had been processed earlier in the edit.

22-Feb-10 Build 159

It is now possible to install a separate Cardbox Licence Server.

5-Oct-09 Build 156

A minor bug in the Linux version of the Cardbox Server meant that the server could become unresponsive to new connections after Cardbox users had connected to it very many times. Several specific conditions had to be fulfilled before the bug would happen, which is why it has never been reported until now.

The detection of "disk full" conditions when saving images and non-image files has been improved.

3-Mar-09 Build 153

A minor bug has been corrected in the handling of custom sequences. Cardbox keeps track of previously used custom sequences and re-uses them when possible, instead of recalculating a sequence every time it is used. Cardbox notes when a custom sequence may have been affected by record changes (addition, editing, deletion) and marks it as "needing recalculation". The View > Sequence command displays a warning whenever the user selects a sequence that needs recalculation, and offers the user the option of recalculating the sequence before using it. The bug was that if one user was recalculating a custom sequence, and another user added, edited or deleted a record before the recalculation ended, the custom sequence was not marked as "needs recalculation". This could result in Cardbox reusing a remembered sequence that did not reflect the latest changes to the record data. It was easy to work round this bug - simply deleting and undeleting a record was enough - but nevertheless the bug has now been corrected.

19-May-08 Build 150

A minor bug has been corrected in image storage. If you are using a build of Cardbox 3.0, or the Cardbox Client, earlier than Build 4266, AND you are storing images attached to a record, AND those images are documents as opposed to pictures, AND those documents have large areas of white space, AND you later rebuild the database, the white areas may be partly replaced by dark solid rectangles. If you have upgraded Cardbox 3.0 or the Cardbox Client to Build 4266, you will not see this problem.

31-Jan-08 Build 147

A bug has been corrected in the Internet Backup feature of the Cardbox Server, which automatically backs up databases to Amazon's S3 service. The bug meant that if an error occurred in Amazon S3, requiring the Cardbox Server to retry the transmission of a file, the Cardbox Server sometimes stopped attempting any further Internet backups.

18-Jul-07 Build 145

There is no change to the Cardbox Server itself since Build 144.

There is a purely cosmetic change to the Cardbox Server control in the Windows Control Panel. When setting up backup schedules the Backup or Amazon S3 pages, the preview of scheduled backup dates and times flickered as you made changes to the schedule. That flicker has been removed.

13-Mar-07 Build 143

The Cardbox Server installer has been labelled so that Windows Vista recognises it as a program installer and asks the user for permission to run it.

11-Jul-06 Build 138

A new "Backup" page in the Cardbox Server control lets you schedule regular backups of your databases into a chosen directory on your computer system. For more information, open the Backup page and press F1 for the online help.

A new "Internet Backup" page in the Cardbox Server control lets you schedule regular backups of your databases into Amazon's recently launched S3 secure Internet-based storage. For more information, open the Internet Backup page and press F1 for the online help. For more details of Amazon S3 itself, see the Amazon Web Services page.

1-Feb-06 Build 134

Bulk indexing (for example, if you are importing many heavily indexed records into a database) is now considerably faster.


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