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Macros and programmability

New macro language

Cardbox 3 uses Microsoft's VBScript as its macro language. This is a powerful and versatile programming language that can drive not just Cardbox but all other major Windows applications.

In addition to our own 160-page Macros and Programming manual, there are many published books on VBScript: some of them are listed here.

Organisation of macros

Macro organisation has been redesigned so that it works seamlessly on a network, and all limits on the size or number of macros have been removed. Macros can be general (applicable whenever Cardbox is running) or specific to a user, a workspace or a database.

Creating macros

The Macro Recorder records your actions as a macro, and you can use the Macro Editor to change details, add advanced features, or write more complex macros from scratch.

Activation of macros

Macros can be activated through the Play Macro command or by keystrokes, pushbuttons, special menu entries, or toolbar buttons.


The same features that allow Cardbox to be driven by a macro also allow any external program to operate Cardbox: thus if your preferred programming language is Visual Basic or Java or C, you can write programs that drive Cardbox, sending it commands and retrieving data from its records. The Macros and Programming manual gives you all the information you need to be able to do this.

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