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The outside world

Web and email

Any link with a http:// prefix is automatically underlined and you can open a web page just by clicking on its link.  Any link with a mailto: prefix is also underlined and you can create a blank email by clicking on the link.  The underlining does not appear in printed output.

In addition, you can design macros that send an email to a whole batch of recipients or you can pass a list of email addresses to a separate email program such as Outlook.

File import and export

New file import and export wizards make it easy to transfer data into and out of Cardbox, and add the following features:

  • Direct import from databases or spreadsheets using OLE DB or ODBC.
  • Simplified import from comma-separated (CSV) files.
  • Export to HTML to create web pages.
  • Import and export using XML, the new standard for data markup and transfer.
  • Data conversion using XSLT.

Programming and scripting

Macros in Cardbox can communicate with Microsoft Office and other programs, send commands to them, modify the contents of documents, and retrieve data.

The same thing can be done in reverse: Cardbox databases can be searched, and records can be retrieved or modified, by macros in other programs' scripting languages - for example, Microsoft Office's VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

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