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Boolean search

IllustrationCardbox has always been able to build up Boolean searches step by step, but now you can also perform complete Boolean searches, with "and", "or", and "not" functions, in a single Cardbox search command.

Phrase search

As well as individual words, numbers and dates, you can also search for complete phrases.

Adjacency search

You can search for words in a given sequence, or for two words within a certain distance of each other.


Find and replace

IllustrationUsing the standard Windows keystrokes Ctrl+F and Ctrl+H, the new Find and Replace commands let you find and replace text within a single field or within every field in a record. Like all Cardbox editing commands, Find and Replace can be recorded and used in batch editing, so that you can apply them to a whole selection of records.

Spelling checker

IllustrationA new high-quality spelling checker has been built in to Cardbox. You can hit a key to check spelling in any field, or you can tell Cardbox to underline misspelt words while you are typing: a simple right-click will offer you alternative spellings.


Drop-down lists

IllustrationPeople who display Cardbox fields as radio buttons and check boxes have often asked us if we can do drop-down lists as well.  Now we have.  In addition, actions on all of these display types can now be recorded as part of a Batch Edit.


The new Deduplicate command lets you identify duplicate records in your database. You tell it which fields to look at, and how similar those fields should be before a record is counted as a potential duplicate. Then Cardbox marks the potential duplicates and you can inspect them before deciding whether to delete them.

Unicode support

IllustrationUnicode is a worldwide standard for character encoding.  It is essential if you are using anything other than normal Western European characters: Greek, Russian, or unusual accented letters from the Latin alphabet such as ę or Ś. (Cardbox 3 handles most left-to-right languages; it does not yet handle languages that are written from right to left).



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