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Windows compatibility

Cardbox 3 is a 32-bit program and it is fully compatible with all current and recent versions of Windows.


Cardbox makes use of the Windows Registry for all its user settings. This allows system administrators to control the extent to which Cardbox users are allowed to reconfigure their program. Cardbox includes a command to export all registry settings, for backup or transfer to another computer.

Menus and keyboard

The menu and keyboard conventions used by Windows programs have evolved since Cardbox for Windows first appeared, and Cardbox 3 conforms to the best current practice. Menus have been rearranged where necessary (for instance, File > Utilities > Configure Cardbox becomes Tools > Options) and keystrokes have been reassigned so that they match the behaviour of most recent Windows applications.

Windows Scripting

Cardbox makes all its major functions and data structures accessible as COM objects, which means that any scripting application can drive Cardbox directly, whether to perform searches or to change records.

Scripting applications include the Windows Scripting Host, which uses the VBScript language and is built in to all versions of Windows, and VBA, the macro language used by Microsoft Office.

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